You are NOT a failure.

They say, “A dream without a goal is just a dream”. Yes I agree. But what motivates you to reach the goal is the dream. Simply, the very first step to reach the goal you have set up so high is the dream. And that is exactly why you have to dream RIGHT, not dream big. Bigger the dreams, tougher your goals gonna be. Tougher your goals are, higher the chances you gonna fail. When failure hits you hard, it’s much harder to recover from the pain. Not impossible, but harder. It takes so much energy to stand up when you have been hit so hard with failures one after the other. It takes so much faith, so much support, so much encouragement & so much love.

Everyone in the world isn’t born with the capacity to endure pain equally. The way people embrace it changes with their personality and so many external factors. This is why we have to keep an eye on our loved ones, especially when they feel they failed. No matter how strong one might look, some really need a pat in the back, a warm hug and a word of encouragement to stand back up and move forward. The moment the failure hits so hard unexpectedly, that can simply lead to depression which might not end well.

We live in a world where everyone around us pretend to live a perfect life, especially in social media, when the reality may or may not be as beautiful as it seems. We have to live with some people who open their mouth to say nothing but something discouraging every single time they talk. We live with friends or relations who try so hard to pretend to be supportive while they secretly compare each other’s lives to make them feel better and make us feel petty. We simply live in a toxic world where truth is much biter than it looks. Yet we are expected to live a perfect life with a perfect companion, with a perfect job, with perfect children & everything else.

The expectation to live a perfect life leads us to dream big & set perfect goals. Once reached there is another ultra perfect goal created by nature, to be chase with all the energy you have & all the time in the world. If failed, we sink ourselves in a pit of despair, where we struggle so hard to get out of. The only solution I can think of is to DREAM RIGHT, dream to be happy! Set your goals to live your life in the moment, in short term. To be happy with what you have. To be happy with people who loves you. To be happy with people who matters to you. Cause at the end of the day nothing really matters than happiness.

The people who points out your little flaws are the ones with significant taints in their past. They try so hard to make them feel better by making you feel down. The ones who boast about their perfect lives are the ones with the most imperfections. Only best thing to deal with that kind of negativity is to keep them away as much as possible. Every time someone makes you feel like a failure, when you in a state of mind where you are much happier with the life you live, punch them hard in the face (in mind), smile & move on with your life. Cause my friend; you are NOT a failure but the most happiest version of you.

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