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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Do it yourself, is a concept I personally follow whenever it's needed in everyday life. You might have a profession you always dreamt of or not, but the passion you have for your hobby is something which satisfys your soul to its very core. Here are five reasons why DIY is the better NOT doing it yourself.

01) It defines your personal taste.

You can DIY your clothes, your room, the food you love & much more, but when you Do It Yourself, it showcases your unique taste. It's something you can use to inspire million others.

02) It relives stress.

The struggle we all go through to survive each and every hectic day to chase our dreams can be too stressful sometimes. Doing few things by yourself helps you to focus on that one task you truly enjoy. It refreshes your mind by making all your anxiety fly away.

03) Save cash.

When you learn to do little things yourself, you tend to use what you have at home or leftovers and transform it to something yummy or pretty. It saves the time you need to go to a store as well as the excess money you will spend to buy pre-processed goodies.

04) Self satisfaction.

When you do something by yourself, you get the self reliance and satisfaction which can't be compared to anything else. Specially when someone complements your hard work, your self confidence tend to grow immensely.

05) Increases creativity.

When you combine two unrelated ingredients to create something flavoursome, when you use your own imagination to design a dress using shirts, when you end up making a beautiful handmade card for your loved ones using very simple materials, it helps in stimulating your brain to invent brand new ideas.

Here are 3 amazing youtube channels which will inspire you to Do It Yourself in three most inspiring categories. Fashion, crafts & food.

01) Stylish

This is a fashion DIY channel with amazing hacks which leads to beautiful solutions to your everyday fashion quests. These unique videos will definitely help you to " stay stylish" which classy fashion trends.

02. DIY Ideas by Hash

Who doesn't love to gift and receive lovely handmade cards to & from your loved ones. The emotional value in a handmade card can't ever be compared to a collaged photo sent through WhatsApp. This channel will give you amzing ideas to in detail to help you have that feeling.

03. LiveTheDream

The official YouTube channel linked to this blog touches an area with many DIY possibilities, food. You will not find complicated, traditional recipes but simple and easy unique recipes which you can try at home by yourself.

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