Not just another dessert recipe, it's your story

We come to this world with a plan. Study, work, stabilize, have a family, save for the family, enjoy last few years in peace & die. Just the way we have a proper meal. Starters, main course & dessert. The more you dig deep into life, the more you understand life a little bit more every single day, you will start to realize how screwed up that perfect plan can get. There is no better time to acknowledge the uncertainty than the life we lived the last few months. Right? How many of your perfect plans went down the hill? How many things in your schedule got postponed, just like that? But you still wait to taste the dessert after all other dishes?

No ah! You taste the dessert when you want to taste the dessert. Simple as that. Live in the moment. Live today. Live right now! But most importantly, live right! That is exactly why we need strawberries in our life.

This heart shaped berry does so much good to your heart with every single bite. Studies prove that when you consume more berries the health of the heart improves. The low carb content, more water content, more fibers, vitamins, potassium & manganese work so well together to make sure that our entire body is in good care. With Nutella & custard you find at home, lets give the strawberries a twist of sweet goodness.