Love has no gender 🌈

Love comes in all forms, without labels & without titles. Yet we live in a world, accepting that simple fact has become a chaos. No one in this world is ever born with a right to judge other people for what they believe in, what they look like, what they need & definitely not where they find happiness. If someone finds happiness in a person from a different religion, different race, with a different skin tone or even different gender, there is no one in the world who has a moral right to judge them in any way.

The moment we are born, we are being labeled depending on the physical appearance, since then we are expected to live up to the life we suppose to live. No one speaks eye to eye & ask, who we really are and how we really want to live our lives.

It is harder to accept who you are to yourself before letting the world except you. Have you ever thought about the struggle they might go through every single day to accept them? Waking up every single day to pretend who they really aren’t. Being devastated thinking if the family, friends & the world will accept them. How they live in fear of being exposed. How they face all the hatred when they finally muster up courage to come out? And how they even take their own lives when they can't take it anymore. No. You just keep making another human being miserable day & night with hate & disgust, by standing against two people who just want to be happy, nothing more.

For a South Asian country which is still developing in many aspects, with the majority of people who discriminate minor races, religions & even people with darker skin tone, accepting same gender love is million miles away. But the least we can do is stop discriminating them, stop making fun of people who accept them for who they really are. Simply “leave them alone” & start educating & spreading love.

Because no matter what, love is love. Be the strength to your sibling or friend to wake up every day with a smile & a satisfaction that they are not alone. That they are not freaks. That they are just human beings who need to be loved like everyone else.

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