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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Want to break-free from the caged life you lived past few months? As soon as restrictions are removed I am sure you are planning to do things you love the most & visit places you missed the most. You get one chance to discover a new world while busting stress you kept piling up. Travel the world, start from Sri Lanka.

Here are few destinations you can add to your travel plan right now.


This breathtaking destination situated in Badulla district is a tea estate always covered in mist, surrounded by thin forests, green hills & scenic views, you won't be able to take your mind off.

Approximately 358km from Colombo fort (around 6 hours drive)

Credits - Sadun Witharanage

02) Hawagala 

This awe-inspiring mountain in Ratnapura district is quite popular among hikers and an ideal site for camping. This is surrounded by many catchy sights of green forests, paddy fields & chilly waterfalls.

Approximately 156km from Colombo fort (around 4 hours drive)

Credits - Anaz Mahroof


This village holds its specialty because of Kandalama reservoir and its spectacular view. The fact that it's in the centre of Sri Lanka's cultural triangle, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa & Sigiriya makes it super convenient to all types of travelers.

Approximately 171km from Colombo fort (around 4 hours drive)

Credits - Sadun Witharanage


This mind-blowing city in Nuwara eliya district is the centre of Sri Lankan tea industry, surrounded by Adams peak, Laxapana falls, Devon falls & St.Clair's falls which will make you wanna go back every year.

Approximately 135km from Colombo fort (around 3hr 30min drive)

Credits - Sadun Witharanage


This very popular travel destination in Badulla district has bio diversity like nowhere else, surrounded by cloud forests, tea plantations, beautiful Ravana falls & popular Nine Arches bridge will definitely be worth traveling.

Approximately 309km from Colombo fort (around 4hrs 43min drive)

Credits - Sadun Witharanage

06) Ambewela

"Little New Zealand" is what Ambewela is popular from centuries. It is the highest and widest grassland in Sri Lanka. If you adore bird watching, this is the place to go.

Approximately 183km from Colombo fort (around 4 hours drive)

Credits - Sadun Witharanage


You should't miss this destination with many eye-catching views if you love hiking & camping. Scenic trail of pine forests, grasslands, water falls will definitely take your breath away.

Approximately 183km from Colombo fort (around 4 hours drive)

Credits - Anaz Mahroof

Make everlasting memories, discover a dream world beyond the reality,& live your "travel" dream!

Credits- Sadun Witharanage

*To be noted that these are very few destinations gathered up with personal & very close experience & they are not ranked.

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