Listen to the voice inside you ; for once.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Since the day you were born, along the journey ,constantly, you were told who you are by almost everybody around you. Named, branded, moulded to become a person who pleases everyone around. You were told almost everything, what to be done, what to be worn ,eaten, spoken ,you name it. Most importantly, how the chemicals inside your brain should react ; how you should think. It is catastrophic when that affects the way you think about yourself.

One main reason people are swayed by everything said by others is, lack of self worth. Most people are convinced that self worth is measured by the appearance, social presence, net worth, career success and so on. Though how toxic they are, they do boost up self esteem to some extent but temporarily. The moment you realize that you spent all your precious time chasing short term pleasures, when you could find your peace in simple things around you and from people who loves you, you will be left with regret, regret, nothing but regret. That's why accepting who you are is much important than you think it is.

Finding your worth isn't enough to find the voice inside you, not without self confidence. There can be hundred and one people telling you what to think ,it only takes one tiny voice inside your head to lead you where you wanna be. More confident you are, the positive vibe you share affects the confidence of people around you as well. Being clear about your abilities and yourself make sure that you are't affected by criticism and negativity thrown at yourself to tear you down.

You spent years and years letting others make decisions on your behalf. It is time! Stop! Listen to your voice! For once! Treat yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself ; both body and soul. Nothing else would matter at the very end, other than the fact that you lived your dream cause you listened to the voice inside you.

Finding your dream, your voice is a long journey to be approached step by step. Take a minute everyday, let silence take over, self evaluate where you are in the this ride of finding your true voice, until you reach the destination.

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