Breathtaking journey to Chariot path of King Ravana- Sri Lanka

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles." Mary Davis

The Chariot path of King Ravana is the pathway used by King Ravana to show the remarkable beauty of his kingdom to Seetha devi, according to folklore. This breathtaking & beautiful grassland on top of a mountain range surrounded by mist, with a ray or two of sunlight kissing the mountain top time to time, is without a doubt one of the most exquisite places in Sri Lanka to travel. The climb itself to witness this stunning scenery on top was amazing, thanks to the unharmed & well preserved delicate forest through which we hiked.

After a very bumpy ride towards Frotofot estate old hospital, we were guided to the trail head through a greeny, never-ending, magnificent tea plantation, to a one foot wide path in the misty forest. Fortunately the presence of leeches were to its very minimum along the way. With few breathers on two, three rocks we reached the mountain top in no time to witness a heavenly view that will forever be embedded in our minds.

The freezing misty weather and never ending icy chilly wind blowing from all sides of the pygmy forest couldn't stop us from making a bonfire to survive the cold we didn't anticipate. With tremendous pressure and a collective effort, bonfire was finally lit after hours, using mossy tea branches we could find cause finding dry wood up top was out of the question. Pitching our tents & feeding ourselves were things we could do before nightfall, which promised a view to die for, in the next morning.

Wind blowing at a speed we have never seen before, clouds rushing through the sky to its next destination, rays of sunlight unfolding leisurely, the artistic beauty of all these elements painted a scenery I can't convert to words. And that one sip of steaming hot plain tea we tasted early in that morning felt God sent.

The journey back was as beautiful as the climb & more relaxed where we slowed down a bit to live the beauty for some more time. We were fortunate that rain didn't decide to fall throughout the hike, cause some places in the trail was slippery anyway. But nothing stood a chance to prevent us from living every moment of our travel dream to Chariot path of King Ravana to its perfection.

There is one thing I still can't wrap my head around. We were blessed to meet a local who generously guided us & cleared the path for us till we reached the very top, who was accompanied by four special companions, dogs. All four of them were trained by themselves to make sure no one of the squad was missing. And one of them stayed with us the whole night and guided our way down sniffing trees and running back and forth to keep us safe. We paid our gratitude with everything we could, but nothing will be enough to repay their love.

Finally, a very kind request to everyone who is planning to visit Chariot path or any other natural habitat, in any part of the world.

Please don't spoil those places. Bring back everything you took, including every single piece of plastic wrap on the ground. The mesmerizing beauty of nature can be spoiled in a split second, but please make an effort to preserve it to be enjoyed by everyone else.

Remember, nature is a miracle we live upon.

Photo credits - Anas Mahroof, Abhiseik Fernando,Sa Thish, ADK Prasad & Hamdan Imtiaz

Thank You.

Live your dream.

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