A green wave in Sri Lanka?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Why not? I'm positive that most of you have no clue about what I'm about to say. The parliamentary election of Sri Lanka is scheduled to be held on 5th August 2020 is a fact. I'm certain that most of you have already decided who should be sent to the place which possess the ultimate power over all the political bodies in our country. Or you might have already decided not to use your voting right at all, based on your own belief. As responsible citizens of a country which fed us, educated us, nurtured us to be strong independent men and women we are today, and as citizens who have a right to decide the fate of our nation where our kids will live & breath, it's time we make a change.

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The Green Wave in France is the most recent series of events which led once unknown, unrecognized Green parties to conquer the power in most symbolic key cities in France in their local elections held few weeks ago. It is a fact that younger voters living in relatively prosperous cities in France drove these parties to this historic victory. Which proves that the majority of the younger generation in Europe has influenced their political parties to focus on environmental issues more. Not just France, the Green Wave has approached Ireland & Germany as well.

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I hope you would agree with me if I say that Covid19- the global pandemic, changed our perspective when it comes to almost every factor revolving around us. Along with the spiritual side of it, we realized how fragile the world we live in. How a tiny virus which is a part of this nature can turn our lives upside down. It is a fact that air pollution has dropped dramatically due to the decline in planned travels. It is believed that during the lockdown Carbon emission in China reduced by 25% & Nitrogen oxides emission reduced by 50%, saving 77,000 lives. Due to the effect of Covid19 on a globalized supply chain, now the entire world is focused on investing in greener forms of transportation, working from home, food security, local production of food, sustainable energy transitions, climate friendly expenditure & much more. What are the initiative leaders of Sri Lanka has taken so far? And what is the initiative our future leaders would take?

In upcoming parliamentary elections how many candidates of leading political parties have a policy-centered campaign? How many of them have clearly presented their manifestos and their vision to protect democracy, reboot the economy, uplift the social status and most importantly their perspective on a greener, cleaner Sri Lanka? As youngsters how long are we planning to waste arguing their honesty, compassion, integrity, confidence & flexibility? Are we going to spend our lives chasing materialistic goals when 30 years down the line we are left with nothing but a dessert to live in?

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When the green wave is steadily acquiring power and influencing politics in Europe why can't we at least pressurize our candidates to reveal their take on the environmental issues that we will have to face in future. Do we really need leaders who turn a blind eye or who approve deforestation, which will slowly make its way to make our beautiful island another Middle Eastern country?

The nature, with a major slap in the face has woken us up from the fantasy world we lived in. It's time we take matters little bit more seriously. We can and we should elect people to represent us in the most honorable stage in the county, who won't just talk but act to protect the environment. It's time we form a green wave of our own to keep our motherland safe & as gorgeous it is.

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Sources- euronews.com | theguardian.com

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