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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

You can be from any part of the world, there are few things you wont find anywhere else but in Sri Lanka. There are innumerous authentic Sri Lankan cuisines which carry our taste buds to the seventh heaven but nothing can be compared to tasting a iiso vadai (prawn vadai) ,any time of the day, with refreshing sea breeze kissing you from a side.

What if I told you you can come so close to that feeling with the satisfaction that you made them from scratch?

Don't worry I will walk you through this.


Split Chickpeas 250g

Prawns (whole) 200g

Onions(Chopped) 2

Green chili(Chopped) 3

Curry Leaves(Chopped) 2 sprigs

Salt to taste

Plain Flour 2 tbsp

Oil to fry


01) First you have to soak chickpeas for about 1 hour.

02) Drain and grind chickpeas.

03) Add 2 tbsp of plain flour to the bowl of ground chickpeas and mix well.

04) Add and mix chopped onions, chopped green chilis, chopped curry leaves and salt.

05) Make small patties with the mixture.

06) Make a small batter with plain flour and water and use it to stick prawns on top of patties you just made.

07) Slip them gently into a pan with oil and fry until they are golden and gorgeous.

Simple as that, you can relive the magical moments by the sea at the comfort of your home.

Keep in touch for more! Now taste them from your eyes.

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